Transform your Interior Space Through Graphic Design

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You can usually tell when a homeowner has worked with a professional interior designer. In the same manner, you can generally tell when a business used the services of a graphic design professional to style their interior spaces. Didn’t know graphic design extended into physical spaces? It does!

Branding Interior Spaces

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One obvious perk of working with a designer to outline your physical space is that graphic designers think in terms of branding. Your business logo is only one aspect of your overall business brand. Graphic designers who offer interior space design will find ways of incorporating your corporate colors, fonts, style, and logo-marks into your store-front layout, conference room design, or hallway treatment.

Creating Points of Interest

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Rule number one of successful product merchandising is thinking

about your customer journey. We think your business’s public spaces should be treated the same way. Consider your target audience. Enter your facility as a potential customer might, and see what they would see. Is the space warm and inviting? Is it engaging? Does it make you want to stay, see more, learn more, and spend more?

Sensory Path Graphic Design

Research finds that having sensory paths and sensory play areas in early childhood education spaces not only increases physical activity, but also promotes neural development and improved spatial awareness in young children. School hallways and daycare classrooms are one more opportunity to use interior space graphic design to not only improve the visual appeal of a space, but also engage and positively impact the humans who occupy that space.

Graphic Design Professionals who Excel in Designing Spaces

The Great Big Graphics team is experienced in utilizing graphic design to transform interior spaces in New England. We’ve worked in a variety of private and public business spaces to meet individual client’s goals. By working together, we will be able to turn your vision into reality. For inquiries about our services, contact us today!